Shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server?

 Differences, pros and cons

Shared Hosting

It is the cheapest, yet stable, secure and administrator managed solution. This type of hosting has been the most popular among users for years. Its main clients are small online stores, novice bloggers or private users. As the name suggests – this type of hosting involves sharing server resources. In practice, this means that there are many different websites operating simultaneously on one server.

VPS or Virtual Private Server

It’s a virtual dedicated server . It is an efficient and stable solution. In, they are decided by owners of websites and online stores that require access to system settings, configuration or access as a “root” user. In this case, server resources are also shared, but thanks to the virtual machine the user has more control over his part of the server.

Dedicated server

This is a physical computer assigned to one user. Its owner decides about the operating system, hardware configuration and setting all parameters. This option guarantees almost unlimited possibilities of customizing the server or server infrastructure consisting of more physical machines. Dedicated servers are great for large stores and companies with specific requirements. This service gives the most options, but at the same time is the most expensive of the solutions.

Each of the above solutions for their strengths and weaknesses. However, the most popular hosting offer of our clients is the shared server – due to the large configuration options combined with the optimal price. Ultimately, however, choosing the right server should depend on the individual needs of the website or store. Call or write to the Customer Service Office , and our administrators will help you choose the server that will best serve your website or online store.

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